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Tramontana Engineering is relying on experience gained on projects executed all over the world. The projects range from FEED studies and Tender support, to Offshore Cable- and Pipeline installation. A selection of several projects performed can be found on this page. For more information or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Tramontana Engineering. The contact details can be found by clicking here.

SeaMade OWF Cable Installation – Belgium
DEME Offshore; Lead Engineer – Export and Array Cable Installation Scope
DEME Offshore was awarded the full installation scope of the Platforms, Turbines and cables for the SeaMade offshore windfarm; Belgiums largest offshore windfarm. Tramontana Engineering provided Lead Engineering services for the installation scope of 2 Export Cables and 64 Infield Cables and consisted of, but was not limited to, Third Party Analysis Verification, Mooring Assessments, Procedure preparation, Analysis preparation and assisting the vessel during offshore execution works.

Hornsea 01 Offshore Windfarm – United Kingdom
DEME Offshore; Lead Engineer – Export Cable Installation Scope
For Hornsea 01, the largest offshore windfarm to date, Lead Engineering services were provided. The Hornsea 01 scope consisted of the installation of all Export and Interlink Cables. The work consisted of Third Party Analysis Verification and management, providing engineering support during the offshore installation operations, document preparation and project engineering management.

Burbobank Extension – United Kingdom
Jan de Nul; Sr. Engineering support – Export Cable Installation Scope
Jan de Nul was awarded the installation of the export cable for the Burbobank Extension Windfarm, located off the coast of Liverpool. The scope of services consisted of Third Party Analysis Management, Procedure/Method Statement preparations and general engineering support.

F2-A Hanze Oil Offload Exchange – Dutch part of the North Sea
Bluestream Offshore; Engineering support
Bluestream performed flexible and umbilical installation works for the F2-A Hanze and P11-B Gas Field. For this project, OrcaFlex analysis were performed and procedures were written for the replacement works performed by Bluestream Offshore.

Rentel Offshore Windfarm – Belgium
DEME Offshore; Engineering Support
DEME Offshore performed the cable installation for the Rentel Offshore Windfarm located off the coast of Belgium. In preparation of the offshore operations, Cable Installation Analyses were performed for, among others, the normal lay and the cable pull-ins.

Heera Project – Vietnam/India
Dockwise; Anchor Handling Procedures
Dockwise performed the transport of the Heera platform from Vietnam to India using the Fjell. The scope of work was providing the anchor handling procedures and associated storyboards using the Anchor Handling Tugs Smit Sentosa and Smit Seraya.

Merkur Offshore Windfarm – Germany
DEME Offshore; Engineering Support
DEME Offshore performed the cable installation for the Merkur Offshore Windfarm located off the coast of Germany. In preparation of the offshore operations, Cable Installation Analyses were performed for, among others, the normal lay and the cable pull-ins.

DCV Aegir – The Netherlands
Heerema; Various scopes
During the construction and development of the Deepwater Construction Vessel Aegir, the scope of work was the development of the laytower welding station operational procedures.
Furthermore, deepwater OrcaFlex analyses were performed for several projects. The analyses consisted, among others, of Deepwater flexible and umbilical installation, stab-in analyses and Abandonment and Recovery analysis.

Various Pipeline Installation Analyses – The Netherlands
Van Oord; Engineering Support
For Nghi Son (Vietnam) and Cabiunas (Brazil) pipeline installation analysis support was provided for the shallow water laybarge Stingray. The work consisted of performing pipeline installation analyses using OFFPIPE.

Okwori Project – Nigeria
Cecon; Analysis Support
For Cecon, Flexible and Umbilical installation analyses have been performed using OrcaFlex during the preparation phase. Furthermore, during the execution phase, additional engineering support was provided.

Perla – Venezuela
Seaway 7; Engineering Support
For the Perla project, the provided support consisted of OrcaFlex analysis for umbilical and flexible pipe installation. Furthermore, procedure preparation and general engineering support have been provided in order to create a smooth cooperation between the client and the employer.

Trenchformer – The Netherlands
Boskalis; Operational manual and procedures
The Trenchformer is a trenching tool operated by Boskalis. During construction of the tool, operational procedures, risk assessments, emergency procedures and the operation manual were prepared.

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