CPS Service Desk

Tramontana Engineering has been involved in the Cable Protection System (CPS) selection, pre-qualification phase, tender phase, CPS Analysis review, CPS Damage Risk Mitigation, and CPS repair. This makes Tramontana Engineering the perfect partner to facilitate expert advise in pre-qualification, CPS Design Assessment and Installation feasibility and repair methods.

CPS damage is a re-occurring issue in the cable installation industry, this is a phenomenon which is actually solvable, as well as (and even more importantly) preventable. Tramontana Engineering is currently in the middle of posting a series of articles regarding this topic. The first article can be read here. It has become apparent that the CPS is not just a vital component in protecting the cable throughout the installation as well as during the lifespan of the cable, but it is also a component which can actually cause cable damage when not engineered and designed adequately.

For this reason, Tramontana Engineering started the CPS Service Desk. The CPS Service Desk is a tailor made Service Desk, made to fit the client’s need instead of using a general Risk model to identify risks. This enables Tramontana Engineering not only to define risks that are specific for the as-installed CPS as well as the location where they are installed, but also new designs (and designs that only have been installed a few years ago and have no damage yet) that differ from current CPS designs, which are not yet covered in the existing Risk Models since the damage has not occurred yet.

Apart from the Risk side of the CPS, Tramontana Engineering will provide open source feedback to its client with regards to installability, long term stability as well as potential reduction in CPS size (saving installation time, increasing installation safety and decreasing project costs). This enables Tramontana Engineering to provide ad-hoc feedback, and provide a quick information flow in order to implement changes or perform verifications of decision, in time, within the project timeline. Tramontana Engineering leans on years of experience in CPS purchasing, Cable Pull-ins, Offshore Cable Joint Installation and CPS Design Verification.

Tramontana Engineering can help any client by providing the client a tailor-made plan to get to the best possible solution in CPS Design, Installation and Maintenance. If you would like to receive more information about how Tramontana Engineering can help you with choosing the right CPS (design), provide insights on how installable the system is or any other CPS related topic, feel free to contact Tramontana Engineering and we will make sure your company will have a sustainable, safe system to protect the cable throughout its lifetime.

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