Tramontana Engineering Completes Support for DEME Offshore

Tramontana Engineering completed the engineering support for DEME Offshore. Over the course of 4 years Tramontana Engineering was involved in several Offshore Windfarm projects as well as setting up the Cable Installation Analysis Department.

Tramontana Engineering joined DEME Offshore 4 years ago when it was still called Tideway. The first scope consisted of setting up the OrcaFlex Cable Installation Analyses for Merkur and Rentel Offshore Windfarms (OWFs). The Installation Analyses had two functions; namely providing the offshore workabilities and engineering analysis reports for both windfarms, but also to setup the new standard of analyses to be performed by the Cable Installation Department of DEME Offshore for Cable Installation.

After Merkur and Rentel, Tramontana Engineering assisted with the Hornsea 01 OWF Export Cable Installation project. The initial scope was to provide the OrcaFlex analyses and engineering support for the project. At a later stage in the project, the support moved towards the project team, where a Lead Engineer role was provided.

This Lead Engineering role has continued for the SeaMade OWFs and the Moray East OWF. In the meantime, Tramontana Engineering also provided field support on board the cable laying vessel Living Stone, for the Hornsea IAC Project.

Further to Lead Engineering support, continuous consultancy involving cable installation, cable trenching, ongoing projects and tenders has been provided.

Throughout the years of successful collaboration with DEME Offshore, Tramontana Engineering has been involved in, but not limited to, the following:

  • 9 Export Cable First End Pull-ins;
  • 12 Export Cable Second End Pull-ins;
  • 559km of Export Cable Installation;
  • 5 Export Cable Loadouts;
  • 8 Export Cable Inline Joints;
  • 1 Export Cable Omega Joint;
  • 5 Infield Cable Loadouts;
  • 265km of Infield Cable Installation;
  • 223 Infield Cable First End Pull-ins;
  • 202 Infield Cable Second End Pull-ins;
  • 3 Infield Cable Inline Joints;
  • 30km of Export Cable Trenching;
  • 72km of Infield Cable Trenching.

Are you curious what Tramontana Engineering can offer your company with regards to cable installation? Feel free to contact us using the contact details located here.

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